“You’ve given me hope and made me believe in my body again” - Danniella G.

“I’ve lost 3 kgs and had my first ovulation in god knows how long!” - Jordyn T.

“Life changing supplements & advice, better than any doctor I've seen.” - Naomi

“I’ve never found anything or anyone that helps as much as these guys do” - Jess

“Helped me understand my condition better than anything else ever has” - Tynell

The healthy pcos promise

You, my friend, are at the heart of everything we do - and that includes sourcing ingredients for our supplements & skin care. But ensuring the highest quality is already the standard. So, we've gone a step further by sourcing ingredients that are suitable for everyone x

  • Gluten free

  • Vegan

  • Sugar free

  • Vegetarian

  • Dairy free


Just a teeny bit of hope and a tiny bit of faith in trying something new can go a long way. With the right support, products and community, anything is possible - especially for women battling PCOS.

“This product has been a God send, not only does it have all the vitamin necessities it also makes taking my vitamins so easy! I went from 13+ pills to taking Balance and 4 pills. I no longer dread my morning supplements and man do I feel like a whole new woman. My period came back, which is the best! I normally don't have a period without BC or Medroxyprogesterone. Balance is the best invention of the 21st century. It is improving the lives of so many women!”

Sadie S.

Verified buyer of Balance

“Balance has given me hope. I know taking it every morning I am replenishing my body with all the vitamins my body needs to fight my PCOS. I have taken it for 3 months and I’m less tired and my sugar cravings are noticeably less. I’m so glad that these products exist and will continue to use them forever more. I trust Drew and his team at Healthy PCOS I wouldn’t get my supplements from any other supplier!”

Megan H.

Verified buyer of Balance

“I have only been using inositol for over a month or so,and so far it has helped me feel less bloated,craving sugar less and I've finally started feeling motivated again. I feel like I'm finally working towards living a healthier lifestyle with PCOS”

Jessie R.

Verified buyer of inositol

“For ten years I have dealt with agonising pain during menstrual cycles, irregular periods and weight gain. Then I was left shocked and scared when I received the information that I may not be able to successfully carry a child. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I researched for weeks, months even. Then I found healthy pcos. I made the decision to purchase the fertility bundle, and it is absolutely incredible.”

Brooke M.

Verified buyer of PCOS Fertility Bundle

“It has helped me stay on track and I've seen real improvements in all aspects of my life, the weight finally stated coming off and I could sleep again, I did stop cause I ran out and the shipping delay between here and australia, and I have noticed the different I now feel tired all the time and can’t sleep, hormones all over the place.”

Catherine W.

Verified buyer of Weight Loss Stack



High quality, scientifically-backed ingredients safely blended to produce the world's first miracle multivitamin for PCOS - Balance. Proven by our wonderful community of customers, Balance, after three incredible years, has become a symbol of hope & control amid the whirlwind of hormonal imbalance created by PCOS. Give yourself a reason to keep fighting x

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