The healthy pcos
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Delivered as 3 easy-to-digest chapters, the Starter Kit will help you learn more about PCOS in 5 days than you ever have before x
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your guide to what’s inside

We asked the 19,000 women in our exclusive PCOS Facebook group about what they were most confused about. This Kit is based on that.

This stage of PCOS can be a little fuzzy, but within this chapter we aim to clarify the confusion by answering some of the most common questions we hear about the PCOS diagnosis.

  • Define PCOS
  • Understand The Diagnosis
  • Interpret Blood Test Results
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Chapter 1.

Understanding the PCOS Diagnosis

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Every woman will experience PCOS differently, but knowing which type or underlying driver you have will reveal the steps you need to take to improve your PCOS.

  • Define The 4 PCOS Types
  • Understand Your Symptoms
  • Determine The Root Cause Of Your PCOS
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Chapter 2.

Understanding the Your PCOS Type & Symptoms

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Based entirely on what your PCOS goals are, we’ll help you craft your very own diet, exercise, and supplementation challenge to kickstart your journey towards taking control of your body & hormones.

  • 14-Day Meal Plan
  • 14-Day Exercise Plan
  • Your Own Supplement Recommendation
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Chapter 3.

Understanding the PCOS Lifestyle Challenge

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What makes chapter 3 so different?

We believe and preach our “5 SEEDS” approach to managing PCOS. And that’s exactly what Chapter 3 focuses on - to give you a kickstart to improving your PCOS

  • Stress Management

  • Emotional Well-Being

  • Exercise

  • Diet

  • Supplementation

how do others feel about it?

Breanna K. Subscribed, Starter Kit

The PCOS starter kit looks good. I want to take to my Dr and find out my pcos driver. The recipes look amazing.


Danielle B. Subscribed, Starter Kit

I'm really enjoying it! I've lost 7lbs and I'm actually enjoying the meal prep for once! I find the recipes really easy to follow and the breakfasts are super quick in the week making it perfect for work. I really feel like this could be them time that I do it - thank you so much!


Robyn M. Subscribed, Starter Kit

Fantastic read. It's so enlightening to see some of these symptoms on the list that I've been battling for years with and now I know why! I'm guessing I have either insulin resistance PCOS or Inflammatory.


Danniella G. Subscribed, Starter Kit

I rarely leave reviews but I feel so strongly about PCOS and the lack of support us ladies have. Drew and his team have been fantastic at educating me on managing my PCOS symptoms. I ordered the PCOS starter kit and have been taking balance and inositol for 10 days


Amanda F. Subscribed, Starter Kit

I'd never understood my pcos before. I had an idea what was stopping me losing weight but no idea how to overcome it. now I know why nothing has worked long term for me before. since following the advice I have lost 2 stone 8lb in 5 months & I've ovulated naturally the last 3 cycles.


Naomi S. Subscribed, Starter Kit

Drew is a straight talking professional who provides reliable evidence to back up what he preaches. Life changing supplements and advice, better than any doctor I've ever been to. Customer for life!